about carol

Carol at easel

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and attended Columbia University in New York City.

I started painting in my late 20’s.  Living in New York City and a farm called Horseshoe in North Carolina gave me an extraordinary and colorful experience with nature, animals and the city life.

I attended the Art Student League in New York City.  My  instructor  was John Groth, artist, illustrator, journalist and illustrator of such books as “Men without Women”, “All Quiet on the Western Front”, “Black Beauty” and “Gone with the Wind”. John became my mentor and friend, encouraging me to take my art to a professional level. Repeating to me to always remember the emotion I wanted to convey to the viewer thru my image. Helga Brown – a watercolorist from New Jersey, Linda Marion, Luna Lee Ray and Travis Phillips have also supported and taught me on my artistic journey.

People, animals and family scenes are my favorite subjects. I never tire of watching people interact in airports, theatres, beaches and cities. As of late I have been painting more women.  with expressions of emotion in their body language, mouth and eyes. Leaving it up to the viewer to interpret what they are really saying and feeling.

The mediums I prefer are watercolor and acrylics.  My style is expressionist, representational, and at times, abstract.

I was the owner and founder of the Packhouse Studio in Westfield, NC. I have had three one woman shows and belonged to several galleries over the years. Presently, I am a member of Associated Artist’s and the Sawtooth Center of Winston Salem.


Never having been fond of large New Year’s Eve parties we invited ourselves to the home of our friends by the sea. It turned out to be comfortable, nurturing, and restful, coupled with delicious food and drink.

We walked the harbor and listened to the wetlands. One on one conversation, candlelight and soft music. Old timey tunes and warm fires.

My mind body and soul were restored when we left. At the end of a quiet and comfortable time the mind is allowed again to see a hidden doorway into the world of imagination. It is then allowed to create anew.

Thank you my friends.


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